NMN side effects - know what to expect and how to minimize risks

You might have heard that age is just a number, you grow old when you lose your energy and wish to live. In the modern age of science, innovation, and development living a healthy and active life in your 50’s or 60’s in full swing is no longer a dream. By adding just one magical ingredient to your routine you can beat the process of aging. Even at the age of 50, you can have a disease and illness-free life, no pain in your muscles, no blood pressure, and heart rate fluctuations. This may seem somewhat funny and impossible to you but believe me, we have come up with a solution to all your anti-aging problems. Let's dive in, and see what nicotinamide mononucleotide side effects are existing. NMN supplement side effects

What is NMN?

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide commonly known as NMN is a one power molecule that helps in all cell’s metabolic pathways. This molecule has countless benefits in terms of providing energy, strengthening the immune system, treating metabolic disorders, suppress aging, and even reversing the process of menopause.

However, the concern here is if taking nmn supplements is safe for human health and whether this molecule has any potential side effects. At what dose does NMN be safe for health? Is the right amount of dose and quality of NMN matter?

We have the answer to all these concerns about NMN supplement side effects. You need to know all the necessary information regarding NMN before taking the final decision of using NMN as a supplement.

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Safety Concerns about NMN:

The scientists are doing comprehensive research on the properties, benefits, dosage, and effects of NMN on human health. To date, there are no potential side effects of NMN found. A lot of clinical trials are under process and researchers are confident enough about their positive results.

Many scientists and health care professionals are themselves using NMN as an anti-aging and energy-boosting compound.




Nicotinamide Mononucleotide side effects:

Currently, there are no side effects of NMN supplements are reported. Several NMN studies in rodents revealed a positive effect on the metabolism of muscles, liver, immunity, heart health, liver, and skin. Long-term rat studies have shown no serious or toxic effect throughout the intervention of 12 months. One more single research in humans revealed no safety concerns for single oral doses of 100, 250, and 500 mg of NMN. In 5 hour oral intake of NMN supplement, scientists found no changes in body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and body oxygen levels. Furthermore, laboratory tests showed all the results within normal ranges.

Does NMN raise blood pressure

Blood testing performed in the laboratory revealed no notable differences, apart from the levels of four molecules in the blood, which remained within normal limits.

Dr. David Sinclair and NMN

The big evidence of this fact is Dr. David Sinclair who has been taking NMN supplements for many years and has not observed any side effects. He was the first person to think that it was possible to slow down the aging process and make people younger again.

The only problem reported with NMN supplements was their storage. When they were kept in a hot and warm environment, they degraded into Nicotinamide, which is harmful for the body. For this reason, to avoid such hazards we must store NMN properly at low temperatures. Specifically in the fridge. Thus, no nmn supplement side effects have been reported.

Dose of NMN:

Taking the right amount of NMN supplement is the key to successful health outcomes. Although NMN is not certified by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) that’s why there is no fixed official dose of NMN. Thus, the amount of the dose can be selected based on the age and weight of the person.

Dose as per body weight: 

400-600 mg/day is safe for people who weigh 50kg to 70kg, and 800mg/day is safe for people who weigh more than 80kg.

Dose as per age of the person

Recent research has suggested that a dosage of 500mg per day is safe for human consumption. And it will have a positive impact on physical and mental health. For people, over the age of 60 years, an oral dosage of 250 mg per day is sufficient, to provide strength against the changes related to the aging process.

Another recent clinical study has shown. That taking 200-300mg/day of NMN for a longer period i.e. up to six months will be sufficient for human health. All these studies have proved the positive effects of NMN on human health. NMN is safe and fit for human consumption. Learn more about NMN powder dosage and schedule here.

NMN Supplement Benefits

NMN provides several important health benefits to your body. It plays a central role in all cellular processes. Some important benefits are:

Promotes blood flow and maintains vascular health

Several animal studies have found that NMN maintains vascular health. By reducing oxidative stress, stiffening of blood vessels, and the cell's ability to divide.

Prevents health diseases

Your heart cells require a consistent supply of NAD+, because it does not take a break. This all-time pumping organ can’t even slow its pace without any serious problem. Its energy requirement is tremendous, so proper NAD+ supplies maintain your heart health and prevent diseases.

Lowers the risk of obesity

Obesity is strongly associated with a wide range of health disorders and can be challenging to treat. There is no easy remedy for obesity and its related conditions including diabetes and hypertension. In several animal studies, NMN supplements have shown a similar calorie restriction effect, which prevents obesity and increases longevity. 

Quality of NMN

The quality of supplements has a major role in their functioning. Only a high-quality supplement created and evaluated in a laboratory can provide you the necessary results. We can vouch for our quality and guarantee you the best results. We have been working in the market for a long period and our success story is not hidden from anyone.

Our special processes that include the use of liposomal technology, clean rooms, and third-party product testing promise the 99.9% pure quality and absorption of the supplement.

Liposomal Technology

We have special NMN capsules and powder produced through patent liposomal technology. Liposomal technology helps in the better absorption and delivery of the drug in the body. The use of liposomal technology has increased the therapeutic value of our supplement and has increased the absorption properties of the other competitive partners available in the market.

High Bioavailability of NMN:

It is our goal to give you a supplement that has a high bioavailability. We do this by trying out a lot of different ways to make the supplement. And the facility of clean rooms promises 99.9% purity.

Third-Party Testing:

All of our products have been tested by a third party and have been certified by HALAL, ISO, HASCPA and GMP to make sure they are safe and good for people to consume.

There are several benefits as well as side effects of NMN. That’s why more clinical trials in humans are required to fully test in potential effect. FDA should also approve this compound and define its proper dose level for daily use. Still, the benefits of NMN makes it a promising supplement for so many reasons and urges people to use this supplement in their daily life.

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