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Prevention is better can curing

Purovitalis Longevity Consult, get to know the experts.

A fresh set of eyes can be incredibly useful at times.

Whether you’re trying to enhance your health and fitness, slow down the aging process, or get some formedical advice, our medical professionals can assist.

We live in a time where we consume and replace our goods like cars, bikes, and clothes at a rate that is far higher than in the past. There is just one house we can’t change, and that is our physical body. To ensure a long and healthy life, it is vital that we treat and maintain our body in the most optimal ways possible.

In our current environment health risk are at every corner, so it’s better to prevent and avoid then to cure. We would like to be able to offer you preventative (lifestyle) advice that is tailored according to your needs.

Purovitalis™ has partnered with a number of clinics and private healthcare facilities in Europe that are proudly selling our products. The time has come to provide you with digital longevity advice. From medical doctors who are specialized and passionate about longevity. And are able to provide you with the most accurate and science based data. To give you guidelines and help you improve your health and move toward longer vital living.

Our first medical partners are listed below. These consults will be done online, however if you want to follow up after the consult, you can talk to your medical doctor directly about it.


Longevity & health consult

Medical advice

Do you experience symptoms, but you are unable to settle on a diagnosis and plan a treatment strategy? The professionals in our health network share our belief and mission, and they will offer you with experienced and knowledge support on your path to longevity. They will gladly assist you in doing a detailed analysis of your situation and are eager to do just that. In case that it is desired, they are able to make use of more advanced tests in order to arrive at a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan.


Do you want to have a better understanding of your current health and any potential risk factors? Cure is not as effective as prevention. The medical professionals who are part of our network would be happy to help you in getting an accurate picture of your health. And provide you with relevant, personalized advice for preventative care and lifestyle changes. Covering everything from improving health to preventive medicine.


It’s comforting to know that you’re not the only one experiencing trouble becoming pregnant. If you’re looking for a personalized evaluation of your chances for a healthy pregnancy, you’ll get it from our highly-regarded professionals. They’ll help you figure out what’s best for you and explain all of your options.

melianthe, purovitalis consult

Dr. M.P.J. Nicolai

Dr. MPJ Nicolai is a urologist specialising in andrology. She is therefore concerned with male hormone management, sexuality and fertility. In addition, Dr Nicolai has expertise in preventive medicine and longevity. Her goal: helping people to grow old vital, disease-free and sexually active.

Dr. S.F. Oudkerk

Dr S.F. Oudkerk is an interventional radiologist specialising in vascular and oncological interventions. Dr. Oudkerk has also worked for many years in medical consultancy, providing second opinions and consulting experts worldwide when necessary. Dr. Oudkerk is a frontrunner when it comes to innovations in healthcare, preventive medicine and longevity.

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