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Purovitalis Liposomal Technology

Liposomal delivery is a cutting-edge technique that utilizes liposomes to transport active compounds to their desired destinations in the body. By encapsulating the active ingredients within liposomes, we can protect them from degradation and deliver them directly to the target cells or tissues. This unique delivery system bypasses many of the challenges faced by traditional supplements, leading to enhanced efficacy and better overall results. Our patented Liposomal Technology enhances bioavailability by 90 percent. As a result, it significantly increases the effectiveness at much smaller serving sizes. While regular longevity supplement such as NMN may have great impact on NAD+ levels, liposomal NMN can work faster, more effectively and with extended release for a longer lasting effect.

What are liposomes?

Liposomes are microscopic vesicles composed of a lipid bilayer that closely resembles the cell membranes in our bodies. These tiny structures act as protective carriers, encapsulating therapeutic substances such as vitamins, minerals, and pharmaceutical drugs. By mimicking our cell membranes, liposomes offer an efficient and natural way to transport active ingredients into our cells, ensuring optimal bioavailability and absorption. Phospholipids are natural substances. One of those usually used in production of liposomes for food supplements is lecithin, found in Soy or Sunflower. 

There are many types and sizes of liposomes, as well as many different phospholipids that can be utilized. Nowadays this is one of the most vivid areas or research, due to its promise to overcome several absorption problems for oral nutraceuticals as well as pharmaceuticals.

The liposomal version of NMN provides faster absorption, more efficient absorption, and it’s not breaking down in your gut; with normal capsules, you’re trying to absorb it, but rather you’re breaking it down as it’s going down through your GI tract. The absorption into the system is a really big deal.

Advantages of Liposomal Delivery

Superior Absorption

Liposomes improve the absorption of active ingredients, allowing for higher bioavailability compared to conventional delivery methods. Research shows that liposomal formulations can significantly increase the absorption and utilization of nutrients in the body 1.

Targeted Delivery

Liposomes can be engineered to specifically target certain cells or tissues, ensuring precise delivery of therapeutic substances. This targeted approach maximizes the efficacy of treatments while minimizing potential side effects 2.

Increased Stability

Liposomal encapsulation provides protection for sensitive substances, shielding them from degradation by enzymes or harsh stomach acid. This preservation of integrity helps maintain the potency and effectiveness of the encapsulated compounds 3.


Liposomal delivery is not limited to specific compounds or industries. It can be applied to a wide range of substances, including vitamins, antioxidants, herbal extracts, and even pharmaceutical drugs. The versatility of liposomal technology opens up endless possibilities for innovative therapeutic solutions.

Advantages of Liposomal Delivery

Liposomal supplements are a game-changer for those seeking optimal health and wellness. By harnessing the power of liposomal delivery, we have developed a range of premium-quality supplements that offer enhanced bioavailability and superior absorption. Whether you are looking to support your immune system, promote cellular rejuvenation, or optimize nutrient intake, our liposomal supplements are designed to deliver remarkable results.

As the field of liposomal delivery continues to advance, ongoing research and innovation are uncovering new possibilities and applications. At PuroVitalis, we stay at the forefront of liposomal technology to bring you the latest breakthroughs in supplementation. To learn more about liposomal delivery and its incredible potential, explore the following research articles.

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