About Us

Purovitalis™ a brand from Borealis Pharma B.V., is established after a long desire to bring high quality products to the market in the anti-ageing (we prefer “Vital Ageing”) space. We strive for being an added value for our customers.

To achieve this, we believe everything starts with science and data. Therefore we established a great team of decorated scientist who work with us non-stop and we expect to publish our own clinical study on NMN shortly.

Our products are designed based on the latest technologies such as liposomal absorption and 99,9 % purity. Substantiation of the above is delivered by recognised scientists

As we are confident in what we do we guarantee a 30 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our product.

Picture of NMN liposomal Drops and Pure NMN Powder jar
Portrait picture of the CEO Koen Ridder

Koen Ridder - Purovitalis™ CEO

Longevity and ageing go hand in hand

Longevity and vital ageing were the two topics which triggered our CEO Koen Ridder to start Purovitalis. After experiencing some health issues early 2018 he became intrigued with healthy ageing and longevity. Which is why at Purovitalis we are very pleased we have developed products which are at the forefront of the longevity research community. Which is in high gear the last couple of years, while we start to understand the mechanisms of ageing more and more.

We also know that at this moment there is no magic pill to longevity “yet”. Longevity and ageing go hand in hand with your lifestyle and food intake which is why next to our products we hope we bring positive change to peoples lives.

Patented Liposomal Technology

Working with a team of PhD scientists we are developing cutting-edge anti-ageing supplements. Patent-pending Liposomal Technology enhances bioavailability by 90 percent. As a result, it significantly increases the effectiveness at much smaller serving sizes. While regular NMN may have great impact on NAD+ levels, liposomal NMN can work faster, more effectively and with extended release for a longer lasting effect.

Scientist doing lab research on NMN.
How doe liposomes work illustration

Continues Innovation

We're on a journey to be the most innovative company in the world. Our team is dedicated to bring innovative supplements to market that benefit peoples longevity. Each day, we're creating, researching and obtaining the best ingredients for new product launches. So we can help you sustain a healthy, happy and longer life.

To contribute to the ongoing science we collaborated with well decorated scientists. We expect to publish our own double placebo clinical trial on NMN in 2022.