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Calcium AKG Supplement

2 tablets/day
with breakfast

Elevate your daily vitality with Calcium AKG Slow Release Tablets. Designed to fuel your energy levels, strengthen bones, and support longevity, our tablets provide sustained release for all-day benefits. Perfect for those seeking a reliable boost in health and wellness.

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Calcium AKG for Energy

Calcium AKG is your powerhouse for sustained energy. By facilitating crucial metabolic processes, it helps convert food into usable energy, keeping you alert and ready to tackle your day. This slow-release formula ensures that your body gets a consistent supply of the fuel it needs for endurance, mental clarity, and overall vitality. Say goodbye to midday slumps and embrace a life full of energy and productivity with our Calcium AKG Slow Release Tablets.
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Ca-AKG Supplement

The Benefits

Continuous Energy Support: Powers your day with sustained energy release. Bone Density Enhancement: Promotes stronger bones and potential osteoporosis prevention. Longevity and Anti-Aging: Fights the signs of aging for a youthful vitality. Steady Absorption: Slow-release mechanism for all-day Calcium AKG benefits. Daily Health Boost: Easily fits into your health routine for ongoing wellness.

Product Details


Unlock the secret to sustained health with our Calcium AKG Slow Release Tablets. This superior supplement enhances your natural energy production, bone density, and combats aging with a meticulously engineered slow-release mechanism. It's tailored for individuals who aspire to a higher standard of well-being, providing a steady flow of Calcium AKG for comprehensive day-long benefits. Ideal for enhancing physical performance and metabolic health, these tablets are your cornerstone for a healthier, more vibrant life. Made with the highest quality ingredients, our Calcium AKG supplement is the ultimate choice for those committed to their health journey, offering unparalleled support for everyday vitality and longevity.


Calcium Alpha Keto Glutarate


30 servings

Recommended Use

2 capsules per day



Certificate of Analysis (COA)

how it works

Slow-release Technology

Slow-release medicine refers to medications that release a consistent amount of the drug over a longer period of time.

One of the greatest benefits of slow-release medicine is that it allows patients to take fewer dosages throughout the day, which decreases the risk of the patient missing a dose. This means that those taking slow-release medicines need only one or two doses per day instead of three or four.


Our unique slow-release formula ensures consistent Calcium AKG absorption for continuous benefits throughout the day.
Take one tablet daily with food, following the guidance of your healthcare provider for personalized advice.
The most recent research shows Calcium AKG plays a critical role in energy production at the cellular level, enhancing vitality and performance.
Anyone seeking to improve their energy, bone health, and longevity. Consult with a healthcare provider if you have specific health conditions or concerns.
While both supplements are involved in energy metabolism, Calcium AKG specifically supports calcium absorption and utilization for bone health and cellular energy, making it a preferred choice for those focused on long-term wellness and vitality. AAKG, on the other hand, is often chosen for its potential benefits in enhancing blood flow and exercise performance.

Why Subscription?

With taking supplements, consistency is key. It can take a while to see results, which is why the repeat service is cost-effective.

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