Liposomal NMN Capsules

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  • NAD+ Support | Purovitails™ Liposomal NMN Increases NAD+ levels, which helps to repair DNA damage.
  • Cellular Energy Optimisation | Increasing NAD+ levels also increases cellular energy, thus providing fuel for your lifespan.
  • Supports Healthy Ageing | Purovitails™ NMN capsules can help sustain your health and longevity by increasing the body's protection capability.
  • Extent Cellular Lifespan | Repairing the body cells from within by reducing the consequences of stress, exercise, and ageing.


Liposomal NMN Capsules by Purovitalis are easy to bring with you, quick to take and a great option for those on the go. Our 99+ % pure Nicotinamide Mononucleotide is extensively third-party tested. Each bottle contains 60 capsules with 125mg of NMN  per capsules that can be taken in the morning and lunch for fast and easy consumption. Buy NMN Capsules now!
  • Regulate your body’s natural rhythms
    Our Liposomal capsules could improves your body’s ability to regulate insulin levels. Which could help to prevent common metabolic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and fatty liver disease.
  • Could enhance your overall energy levels
    Purovitalis Liposomal NMN capsules powers your metabolism which could increases your energy levels. It does this by enabling mitochondria - the power station of the cell - to quickly convert food into energy. Banish fatigue for good and discover a renewed zest for life.
  • Faster, better absorption than similar supplements on the market.
    Our NMN supplement is encapsulated in a liposome for targeted delivery and much better absorption. Our unique, patented liposomal technology ensures over 90% absorption, compared with around 20% absorption for non-liposomal NMN products.
  • Slow down the aging process and feel more youthful
    Could help protect against DNA damage and delay the inevitable with Liposomal NMN capsules. Buy NMN Capsules.

β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (99,9% NMN), Lecithin (GMO free soy), Gum Arabic, Cellulose

No product will pass our quality supervisors if the product is not stable and it is not increasing in bioavailability. This is why we are officially qualified for the GMP, HACCP, ISO 2200, Halal and Kosher certification on our products.

Take 2 capsules daily. Best to take in the morning with breakfast and with lunch to follow your circadian rhythm.

NAD+ levels naturally decline with age

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a coenzyme, which is present in all human cells and plays a vital role in the regulation of several biochemical reactions, for example, regulating signaling pathways, DNA repair, metabolism, cellular processes, and ageing. 

Research has shown that at a young age, there is a healthy supply of NAD+ in your body, which keeps you vibrant, young, and maintains good health. The level of NAD+ naturally decreases in the body because of continuous cell damage and it is very important to increase NAD+ in the body to perform the body’s basic functions.

True anti-aging works at cellular level not at the surface.
Purovitalis™ Liposomal NMN Increases NAD+ levels, safe and sustainable.

NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) is the precursor of NAD in our body, meaning that when you provide NMN your cells will convert this to NAD, which will activate the cellular fountain of youth. The use of NMN supplements is the quickest way to produce NAD+ in your body. These supplements contribute to cellular energy and help your body cells to repair and regenerate. The intake of NMN along with NAD+ can promote your cell metabolism and improve insulin.

What you can expect

0-2 Weeks

Purovitalis™ NMN improves your NAD+ levels after your first intake. Though some people have not reported any changes in the first few weeks, others have seen increases in energy levels throughout their day. NMN is not like your cup of coffee it is improving energy at the cellular level.

2-4 Weeks

With an increased supply of NAD+, your cells have started to heal and are more robust after 2-4 weeks. Keep up with your daily NMN morning regime as your NAD+ levels are fluctuating simultaneously with your circadian rhythm.

4 Weeks and After

You have refilled your level of NAD+, most of our customers clearly feel an increased level of energy and vitality. As a result, their overall quality of life improved. Want to know your exact levels of NAD+ try our NAD+ test kit.

A vital man drinking water after workout out. Illustration of human cell supplied with NMN and NAD.


Patented Liposomal Technology

It is significant to prefer liposomal NMN for since purpose, only this oral route provides high levels into the bloodstream and carries NMN to the site where it is converted to NAD+, the cell. 

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Why Liposomal NMN?

Liposomes merge with the intestinal cell membrane, since the cell membrane and liposomal bi layer is very similar, and pass the NMN directly into the cell. This mechanism ensures high delivery of poor or non-absorbable substances like e.g. vitamin b12. Substances encapsulated in liposomes also reach significantly greater blood dose levels than non-encapsulated products, such as traditional capsules or oils, since liposomes are easily absorbed by the body. These are just two of the many benefits that our liposome study has proven.

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It's recommended to take at least two 125mg capsules per day. Depending on age and weight you might need more. More information about NMN dosage can be found here.

The best time to take NMN is in the morning. Since NMN is a high source of immediate energy, we believe that taking it in the morning is beneficial to perform routine tasks.

NAD boosters are not only the magic pill as you can boost up NAD levels in your body by proper diet and physical exercise. But if all of these tricks do not work, you can expect NMN as an alternative to intake
both oral or sublingual. NAD boosting supplements are categorised as more effective.

Scientists are doing comprehensive research on the properties, benefits, dosage, and effects of NMN on human health. There are no potential side effects of NMN found.

No product will pass our quality supervisors if the product is not stable and it is not increasing in bioavailability. This is why we are officially qualified for the GMP, HACCP, ISO 2200, Halal and Kosher certification on our products.