Liposomal NMN Liquid

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Purovitalis Liposomal NMN liquid is made with 99+ % pure β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide encapsulated in a natural liposome for higher and targeted delivery. Our NMN is of the highest quality, carefully third-party tested and free of heavy metals and pesticides. Each bottle contains about 30 to 60 servings and with the dropper you can easily change your daily dose on the go. 

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No product will pass our quality supervisors if the product is not stable and it is not increasing in bioavailability. This is why we are officially qualified for the GMP, HACCP, ISO 2200, Halal and Kosher certification on our products.

What you can expect

0-2 Weeks

Purovitalis™ NMN improves your NAD+ levels after your first intake. Though some people have not reported any changes in the first few weeks, others have seen increases in energy levels throughout their day. NMN is not like your cup of coffee it is improving energy at the cellular level.

2-4 Weeks

With an increased supply of NAD+, your cells have started to heal and are more robust after 2-4 weeks. Keep up with your daily NMN morning regime as your NAD+ levels are fluctuating simultaneously with your circadian rhythm.

4 Weeks and After

You have refilled your level of NAD+, most of our customers clearly feel an increased level of energy and vitality. As a result, their overall quality of life improved. Want to know your exact levels of NAD+ try our NAD+ test kit.

A vital man drinking water after workout out. Illustration of human cell supplied with NMN and NAD.