Spermidine for Hair Growth - The Science-Backed Guide

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Spermidine for Hair Growth – The Science-Backed Guide

Spermidine for hair growth

Hair loss is a natural part of the aging process. In fact, nearly every adult will experience some form of hair loss at one point in life. Our hair strands can become thinner as we age, and the rate at which the strands grow can slow down. Some hair strands stop growing altogether. Luckily, there are natural ways to slow down age-related hair loss, like spermidine. Spermidine is a naturally occurring polyamine that has been scientifically shown to slow down and reverse hair loss. This article discusses the health benefits of spermidine and how it can support healthy hair growth, as well as supplement options to promote hair growth.

Spermidine Hair Growth: What Research Has to Say

Recent studies have explored the effects spermidine has on hair growth and made the following discoveries.

Study One

2017 study published in PLOS explored the relationship between spermidine and hair growth and determined that spermidine can act as a stimulator for hair growth. They discovered that the administration of spermidine increased the hair shaft growth in cultured human scalps after six days. More specifically, it led to over a twenty percent increase in the production of hair shaft growth and elongation of the hair shaft within that six day period.

The study also examined the effect spermidine has on the anagen phase, a phase in the hair cycle when cells in the hair root divide to form new hair cells. After six days, it was discovered that administration of spermidine resulted in an increase of human hairs in the anagen phase. It also resulted in a decrease of human hairs in the catagen phase, a hair cycle phase that indicates the end of hair growth. These results suggest that spermidine can encourage the formation of new hair strands and support the hair growth cycle.

Study Two on Spermidine and Hair growth

Another 2017 study published in Dermatology Practical and Conceptual looked into the effect spermidine has on hair strands in the anagen phase. They discovered that spermidine in supplement form increased the numbers of human hairs in the anagen phase after three months of treatment. In addition, it also caused a decrease in c-Kit, which is a marker for apoptosis, or cell death. Patients in the group receiving spermidine showed significantly more progress in hair growth than the placebo group, showing that spermidine can act as a stimulator for hair growth.

Supplements that May Increase Hair Growth

In addition to spermidine, there are a variety of natural supplements that may reverse hair loss and help your hair grow. Some of the ingredients in natural hair growth supplements include:

Spermine and Putrescine

Polyamines like spermine and putrescine play a crucial role in supporting healthy cell growth, including in hair follicles. To create spermine, which is derived from spermidine, putrescine is required. By taking a supplement with both spermine and putrescine. It may help to reverse age-related hair follicle damage, promoting longer and stronger hair strands. Research supports the efficacy of these polyamines in promoting hair health.

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Biotin, also known as vitamin H, is a member of the B complex vitamin group. And is well-known for its ability to promote healthy hair and nail growth. You can obtain biotin from various foods such as eggs, nuts, legumes, seeds, and vegetables. A lack of biotin in your diet can cause hair loss. Making supplementation with biotin an option to compensate for any deficiency and stimulate hair growth. Some studies suggest that biotin supplements may help improve hair thickness and reduce hair loss in people with a biotin deficiency.

Vitamin C

Premature hair thinning and hair loss have been linked to oxidative stress throughout the scalp and hair follicles. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which means it can reduce the oxidative stress that may contribute to hair loss. In addition, vitamin C may also promote growth of the hair shaft. Vitamin C can be derived from a diet rich in fruits like strawberries, oranges, and lemons and vegetables like broccoli and potatoes.


More often than not, the average adult can benefit from adding more protein to their diet. However, protein is especially useful for hair growth. This is because proteins contain amino acids that contribute to the growth rate and thickness of our hair. When it comes to hair growth, you should look for a supplement that contains keratin. You can also increase your protein intake by consuming foods like fish, meat, eggs, and dairy products like milk and yogurt. For vegetarian or vegan diets, the best sources of proteins are kale, nuts, soybeans, and legumes.


Despite it being natural, hair loss or hair thinning can be an unwanted part of the aging process. However, there are natural ways to slow down hair loss in older adults, like taking spermidine supplements. Spermidine is a naturally occurring polyamine that has science-backed research showing that it can reverse age-related hair loss and promote the production of new hair strands. It does so by increasing the number of hair strands in the anagen phase while decreasing the strands in the catagen phase.

While spermidine is most commonly taken in supplement form, it can also be obtained through your diet. Foods like aged cheese, soybeans, and shiitake mushrooms as well as fruits like apples and pears are all good sources of spermidine. You can also opt for supplements or foods containing biotin, protein, and vitamin C, which are all ingredients that are known to promote hair growth. Regardless of the hair growth option you choose, it is always best to consult with a health professional before adding a supplement to your diet.

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