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Comprehensive Approach to Longevity

This examination of the topic of nutrition and supplements provides a thorough overview of the science, common misconceptions, and practical factors involved. By offering insights into making informed decisions, this exploration aims to guide you towards healthier choices that contribute to the longevity.
Vitamin D anti aging and longevity. Picture of happy middle age couple and graphic of longevity path with vitamin d3

Vitamin D3 and Anti Aging – The 2022 Longevity Guide

Aging is a natural phenomenon but no one wants to experience it because of a large number of changes related to it especially in terms of physical health and well-being. As we age we naturally become exposed to a lot of chronic diseases, low muscle strength, and overall fitness. It

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does NMN side effects exist? Is NMN Safe? Let's dive in the NMN supplements. Illustration of human getting older.

NMN side effects – know what to expect and how to minimize risks

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide commonly known as NMN is a one power molecule that helps in all cell’s metabolic pathways. This molecule has countless benefits in terms of providing energy, strengthening the immune system, treating metabolic disorders, suppress aging, and even reversing the process of menopause.  Let’s dive in, and see what

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how to take nmn powder

How to take NMN powder – dosage and schedule

NMN (Nicotinamide mononucleotide) is a powerful ingredient against aging, weight loss, energy improvement, cardiac health, vision, and diabetes. Furthermore, it functions by fighting against cell damage and other oxidative stress. Although NMN has many health-related benefits, there are no official regulations about its dosage forms. Still, the research on rats

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