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Longevity Lifestyle

Explore our ‘Longevity Lifestyle’ category, where each article is a gateway to sustainable habits, cutting-edge research, and healthy practices, all converging to sculpt a life rich in well-being and longevity.

Secrets of a vibrant and fulfilling life

Whether you’re a curious soul looking to enhance your well-being, a wellness enthusiast eager to uncover the latest trends, or simply someone who believes in embracing each day with longevity, this blog is your companion. Together, let’s delve into the art of living well and unlocking the secrets to a life that’s not measured by years alone, but by the experiences, health, and joy we cultivate along the way.
Person starting their day with a run in the mountains, embracing fresh air and higher heart rate for enhanced well-being in 2024."

6 Longevity New Years Resolutions for 2024

2024 is now closer and closer! It’s a new year, a fresh start, and the perfect time to focus on ourselves and our health. Let’s then talk about longevity resolutions that are not just about the usual weight loss or gym memberships, but about deep, meaningful changes that can truly

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Discover the fascinating world of longevity genes and how they influence lifespan. Learn about CISD2, Sirtuin, and Klotho genes, and tips to boost your longevity.

Is longevity genetic? On the search for the longevity gene

Living longer is more than just the age in our passports. It’s about feeling strong and healthy as long as we can. There are things we can take control of, like our lifestyle, diet, and everyday choices. But what about processes we can’t affect? Genetics, including the longevity gene, play

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caffeine and intermittent fasting a cheat or a hack? Benefits of coffee and fasting.

Intermittent Fasting and Caffeine: Does Caffeine Break a Fast?

  Intermittent fasting (IF) has gained popularity thanks to health benefits like weight loss, improved metabolism, and increased longevity. But what about caffeine and intermittent fasting? Coffee and tea are popular choices among those practicing intermittent fasting. Many are left wondering whether these beverages will help or hinder their IF

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caloric restriction and longevity, a science-backed guide and strategy

Caloric Restriction and Longevity: a Science-Backed Strategy

Humans have long searched for ways to prolong their lives. From the epic tales of ancient Greece to the latest blockbusters and page-turners, the yearning for immortality has been a persistent theme throughout history. However, unlike the fantastical stories of the old, the secret to a long life is not

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