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Muhdo Biological Age Test

Step into a new era of personal health with the Muhdo Biological Age Test. Our test combines DNA and epigenetics to reveal more than just your age – offering insights far beyond your chronological years. Take charge of your health with a plan made for you.


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Find Out How Old Your Body Really Is: This test shows you your biological age, which might be different from how old you actually are. It’s like finding out how young or old your body feels and acts, helping you take better care of yourself.

Learn What’s Best for You: The Muhdo Biological Age Test tells you about your body’s needs based on your DNA. This means you can choose the best foods, exercises, and habits that are just right for you.

Exercise That Fits You: Get a workout plan that’s made for your body. This means you can exercise in the most effective way for your own DNA.

Learn About Your Brain Health: This test also tells you about your ‘memory age,’ showing how your brain’s memory power compares to your actual age. It’s a great way to know how to keep your mind sharp.

Know About Body Inflammation: Find out if your body has too much inflammation, which can affect your health. This information helps you make changes to reduce inflammation and feel better

Product Details

The Muhdo Biological Age Test is more than just a health assessment; it’s your gateway to a deeper understanding of your body’s actual age. Unlike traditional methods, this revolutionary test combines DNA analysis with epigenetic testing, unlocking a comprehensive view of your health and aging process.

By analyzing specific biomarkers, the Muhdo DNA test uncovers your actual age, which may differ from your chronological age. This insight allows for a tailored approach to your wellness journey, focusing on areas that need attention. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your vitality, optimize health, or simply curious about your genetic makeup, Muhdo provides the answers you seek.

The process is straightforward and non-invasive. Simply use the provided kit to collect a DNA sample, and let our state-of-the-art technology do the rest. Our expert team analyzes your genetic data, delivering results that empower you to take control of your health destiny.

what's inside

Muhdo Biological Age Test Kit

A compact plastic tube designed for your saliva sample. Your unique kit ID is clearly printed on its side, ensuring your sample is securely identified.

This funnel attaches to the top of the saliva tube, making the collection process easier and more comfortable.

A comprehensive guide that unfolds to provide step-by-step instructions for your test. This card also contains your Kit ID number for easy reference.

A secure and pre-addressed envelope to send your sample back to us effortlessly.

Reminder for a Smooth Experience

Please check your kit upon arrival. If any items are damaged or missing, contact our customer service team immediately for assistance.


Typically, results are available within 4-6 weeks from the time the sample is received, ensuring precise and thorough analysis.
While both tests offer insights into biological age, Muhdo’s DNA Epigenetics Test provides a more comprehensive analysis by combining DNA and epigenetic data for a fuller picture of your health and ageing.
A biological age test assesses various biomarkers to determine your body’s age, which can differ from your chronological age. This test gives insights into your overall health and ageing process.
Biological age is tested by analyzing DNA and epigenetic markers, revealing information about your body’s ageing and health status.
Epigenetic testing involves analyzing modifications in your DNA that affect gene expression. These changes can influence ageing and health, providing valuable information beyond traditional genetic testing.

Precision and Reliability: Our test uses advanced technology to ensure accuracy. It’s a reliable way to learn about your biological age and get health insights based on your DNA.

Tracking Health Over Time: Yes, you can retake the test after making lifestyle changes to see how they impact your biological age. It’s a great way to monitor your progress and health improvements.

Muhdo Biological Age Test

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