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How to take NMN powder – dosage and schedule

how to take nmn powder

NMN (Nicotinamide mononucleotide) is a powerful ingredient against aging, weight loss, energy improvement, cardiac health, vision, and diabetes. Furthermore, it functions by fighting against cell damage and other oxidative stress. Although NMN has many health-related benefits, there are no official regulations about its dosage forms. Still, the research on rats has declared it safe for human use and clinical trials on humans are under process. Let’s see the best time of day to take nmn, the nmn cycle, how to take NMN powder, and the best nmn dosage for humans.

How to take nmn powder, dosage and schedule

Best time to take NMN supplement

The ideal dose of NMN is not yet defined as this is not approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or European Medicines Agency (EMA). Therefore we based it on trial and error, and research was done on animal models shows that it is ideal for taking NMN twice a day. It is recommended that taking one capsule of 125mg twice a day is enough for a healthy boost of energy.

How to take NMN powder

NMN powder can be placed under the tongue until resolved. In addition, it can also be swallowed directly together with some light yogurt to improve absorption.

Best time to take NMN Powder

The best time to take NMN supplement is in the morning. Since NMN is a high source of immediate energy, we believe that taking it in the morning is beneficial for performing routine tasks. More on a new study of when to take nmn can be found here.

NMN Dosage per day

Dr. David Sinclair who is a renowned personality in the NMN industry itself takes 1g i.e. 1000mg of NMN in his daily routine. One of the modern studies shows that taking 2000mg of NMN is effective and has no side effects. Another study performed in Japan declared that 125mg of NMN twice a day for 8 weeks is good for health. There is still no data available on the long-term usage of NMN.

The following table explains the recommended nmn dosage per day per individual age and weight.

Age/WeightNMN Dosage
30-40 years/30kg-40kg200mg-400mg/day
40-50 years/50kg-60kg400mg-600mg/day
Above 50 years/80kg800mg-1200mg/day


Different Dosage Forms of NMN

Different forms of NMN are available that includes:

Recent research has shown that taking NMN orally in a pill or powder form is very effective as it directly goes into the bloodstream and performs its action. On the other side capsular form of NMN is equally effective. The capsule protects the NMN from destruction from gastric acid and slowly releases it into the blood.

Previous studies have strongly recommended taking NMN sublingually (under the tongue). Still, modern science has rejected this theory, and now it is believed that the oral form of NMN is more effective since it immediately boasts NAD+ levels in the blood. This is true of the discovery of SIc12a8 protein in the blood, which absorbs NMN in the gut.

The potential benefits of NMN supplementation

Based on an In-vivo animal test. Scientists found NMN to boost the production of NAD+, an essential element of healthy aging. NMN is shown to have extended benefits to the following purposes:

NMN dosage for heart health

The myocardium is the highest working muscle of the body with the highest load. Thus, the heart requires higher energy levels to function in a healthy condition. A steady supply of NMN provides the needed energy to support the heart muscle contractility and protects against heart diseases.

NMN dosage for obesity

Obesity is directly correlated to a wide range of high-risk health complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, and skeletal injuries. While maintaining a healthy diet and an active lifestyle is crucial for weight management. NMN can be a great addition to help enhance the metabolic rate and increase the body’s energy.

NMN cycle to boost energy

NMN immediately increases the level of NAD+ in the body. In about 60 minutes after taking the , your blood NAD+ will be increased. This NAD+ will then take 2-3weeks to fully perform its function and boost your energy level. The whole process works in a cyclic manner and benefits you accordingly. The minimum recommended dosage per NMN cycle is 250mg, but in case you need a high boost in your energy level you may take up to 1000mg of NMN which is about 3-7 capsules at once. Learn more about NAD+.

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