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Researchers determined the effect of oral intake of NMN supplements on various biomarkers.

How do biomarkers change with NMN intake?

Physiological and medical research using molecular biology and genetics has described the mechanism of lifespan and aging. But the way you age is not the same for all. Physiological aging is a natural process, which is the destiny of all living organisms and can increase or decrease because of lifestyle

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How do lifestyle and health related exposures contribute to epigenetic aging?

How do lifestyle and health-related exposures contribute to epigenetic aging?

Introduction Several lifestyle and health-related exposures including alcohol intake, smoking, diet, physical activity and education are strongly linked with age-related health effects. Some common age-related health issues include heart disease and cancer. In addition, some lifestyle exposures also lead to modification of epigenetics, which ultimately affect gene expression related to

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NMN and cancer - dispelling the myths

NMN and cancer – dispelling the myths

Does NMN really cause cancer? The theory starts with a study at Washington University on brain cancer cells( glioblastoma). During the study, the researchers inhibited the enzymes that make NAD+ to see the result of NAD+ depletion in the cancer cells. The cells stopped growing. This concludes that cancer cells

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nmn liver damage, nmn supplementation shows promising results against liver damage.

NMN supplements to prevent liver damage

Excess Alcohol consumption combined with other comorbidities can lead to several stages of liver damage. The severity and range of symptoms depend on the extent of the liver tissue affected by the condition. Study have shown promising results for NMN to revert liver damage. First let discuss where the stages

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Not all nad+ is created equally, nmn & resveratrol combination

Study: The supplements increase effects of NMN

It is now widely accepted that a decreasing NAD+ level is one of the key indicators of aging and plays a vital role in numerous diseases. Therefore, one of the key questions regarding anti-aging that researchers all across the globe want to answer is: “How do we maintain or perhaps

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